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I've started a baking blog today - something that I've been wanting to do for awhile but like most things, never got around to doing it.

I hope to be updating this at least one a week so if you are curious what I've been up to that last few years, I hope you stop in to check it out.  Nothing interesting at the moment, but I'm sure it'll progress as I go through my baking blunders...

Stop on by - it's always nice to see an old face...

Happy New Year Everyone~!

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Do you ever have days where you take a hard look at your life and think what the hell just happened?

For the first time in years, I feel completely out of control and all the hard work is slowly crumbling away...

I've been laid off; my finances suck; my relationship is slipping; my lil shih tzu has a tumour and will have to be put down soon; I'm fat; my hair is falling out; and after 3 years I'm still having issues with my car...

Seriously, what the hell happened?


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My mum has called me everyday for the last week to tell me that I'm fat.

"Oh, how are you doing?  Are things good?  I'm just calling you to tell you that you should go to the gym, you're looking a little bigger since you moved out"


Thanks mum.

The lack of censorship in my family is astounding.

Year in Review

Haha...I'm a bit late with this obviously, but I've just been so lazy and I didn't want to actually sit down to reflect just yet.  Now that I have a few minutes to myself, I thought I'd at least try and get the ball rolling....

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Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was pretty much the same as it's been every so so tiring.  And the added 2 feet of snow we recieved - in a city that's clearly not equipped for such weather - it just made it more stressful.  I was pretty much home bound for the Christmas week...unless someone was nice enough to drive me around.

My side of the family spent Christmas Eve with each other for the first time in ages.  Despite the snow, everyone made it over!  My aunts and uncles have all been hanging out with each other more frequently and it really makes me happy seeing that.  My mum cooked a crap load of food like she always does and everyone just feasted on it for hours.  Here's a funny of my baby cousins has magically changed her name.  When she was born I was the one who picked out her name: Cassie.  My aunt and uncle had a hard time pronouncing it but then liked it anyways so they stuck with it.  Now that she's in kindergarten, kids are learning how to spell their names and such and with the bad "Vienglish" (Vietnamese-English) that my aunt and uncle have, they misspelt her name and the whole pronunciation thing went with it.  They missed an "S" so now she's known as Casie.  On Christmas Eve when my sister went up to her and said "Hi Cassie, I haven't seen you in a long time!"  she replied with..."My name isn't's Casie."

-.-  Oiy.  That's the second name in this family that was butchered because of misspellings and pronunciation.  The first one was my brother, Lairay.  Haha...oh man, the stories I could tell.

Anyways, for Christmas Day, I spent it with Jamie's family.  We woke up at around 8 and hobbled downstairs where Jamie, his mum, and I spent the morning opening gifts.  I am always so so so spoiled by them.  At around 9 we headed out to his grandparents place to have breakfast and another session of gifts.  His cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. are all there so it's usually a big spectacle.  The best gift that was opened - and it's pretty sad to say this because it wasn't even my gift - was the one that Jamie recieved from his grandma.  She knitted him a little baby purple dinosaur sweater!  ....which apparently is the same sweater that Jamie use to LOVE when he was a kid and wore it everyday.  It's so adorable.  It was sort of a joke gift but I thought it was so sentimental!  Here's a bit of a background story...Jamie did a cruel thing to his grandma a few months back.  I can't remember the reason, but he called her up one day to ask her for something.

Jamie: Hi Grandma, what are you doing?
Grandma: Just knitting a sweater...
Jamie: Oh really?  Are you knitting one for my kid?
Grandma: No, it's for someone else

And then the topic was changed and the conversation geared over towards the reason why he called in the first place.  Now, being a bit older, she wasn't all that quick on her feet when he made that comment and it wasn't until a few hours later that it hit her what the meaning behind that could be.  I mean, he was just joking, but she didn't know that and she wasn't sure if it was a hidden comment.  So apparently, it really bothered her for the next few days because she wasn't sure what Jamie meant by that.  Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and she called up Jamie's mom and asked her, "Do you know what sex Jamie's baby is?  He asked me to make a sweater and I want to know what colour I should be knitting..."

Which completely started a chain reaction because Jamie's mom had no idea what was happening so she thought I was pregnant too. 

-.- Stupid boys....

Anyways, after everything was cleared up we all thought it was pretty funny.  All started by one little little comment.  Later in the evening when Jamie and I had some time to ourselves we were talking about the sweater and it was kinda nice because even though it was meant to be funny, it kinda of brought the reality to it and throughout the whole thing, Jamie was just beaming.  Massive grin on his face.  It was very sweet because that's a side of Jamie that I don't see very often.

So, if I were to name a highlight of my would definitely be that moment.

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Huh, I should really proofread my entries before posting because evidently I like to drop words from my sentences...which is kind of ironic because I am the designated anal proofing person at work.

Anyways, I took a nice long walk in the snow today.  Went to Ironwood (which is a shopping complex from my house), chopped my hair, went to the library to find some good books to snuggle on cold days like today, and stopped off at Starbucks from some Chai Eggnog Latte.  Yum!

You know the one thing I love about snow?  I love how everything is just so...peaceful.  Very if everyone is just taking moment to reflect.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

It's snowing outside...I love it!  From the looks of it, we will be getting a white Christmas afterall, which an extreme rarity where we live.

I'm off work until the 29th.  Isn't that nice?  I haven't been with the company for 3 months yet I've been given 3 days off until 2009.  I'm starting to love my job more and more...

Anyways, last night I brought a ginerbread house kit over to Huong's so that we could build it with Tai.  Have a mentioned that I love that kid?  So I'm building the structure of the house and he sticks his finger out to me and says "Have some?" to reference to the icing that I've been squeezing out.  Seriously...this kid isn't even 2 years old yet, how does he know this stuff?  Tai catches on pretty quick...I showed him how to stick the candy on to the house and he pretty much got the hang of it.  It was pretty cute because there were some moments where he would lick the candy, taste it, and then stick it on the house.  But the cutest moment of all was when he was busy sticking all the candy to the house and says really quitely to me...."Thank you Bich for the house...."  (Bich is my Vietnamese name...he doesn't know me as

Man, he SO polite.  And not even 2 yet...geez.

I'm hoping to do a lot of cheesy Christmas-y stuff this week.  When there's a kid around, it just makes things so much better.  I think Christmas eve we're hoping to head to Stanley Park to go on the train ride to see all the lights.  Maybe I'll make some cookies too...

Anyways, for the first time in entire family is getting together for Christmas eve which makes me really happy.  My mom, aunts, and uncles had a really big fall-out years ago.  I'm talking like if they saw each other across the street someone would have been stabbed kind of fall-out.  They refused to speak to each other for ages and then after my brother's wedding in May this year, it just re-connected everyone.  I'm excited for that because I'm sure it'll be a huge seafood feast -- we're Asian, we don't do the turkey thing.  Haha...

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I love Tai so so so much.

I spent my morning hanging out with him and there's just so many things that I love love LOVE about him.

I love that he's so innocent

I love that he talks so much

I love that he loves his blanket

I love that he tells you when he's ready to nap

I love everytime I head into a room he yells at me "I'm coming!"

I love that he dances to everything

I love that he squeals and giggles like a girl

I love that he holds his sippy cup like football

I love that when he's ready to go home, he'll drag his diaper bag to his mama and daddy and say "Home!"

I love that everytime I put on something nice and always responds with "Oh, so pretty!"

I love that he sneaks into my room and pulls out all my heels from my closet so he can wear them

I love it when he comes up to me with his blanket and says "Snuggle?"

I just love love love him.