preshrunken (preshrunken) wrote,

I love Tai so so so much.

I spent my morning hanging out with him and there's just so many things that I love love LOVE about him.

I love that he's so innocent

I love that he talks so much

I love that he loves his blanket

I love that he tells you when he's ready to nap

I love everytime I head into a room he yells at me "I'm coming!"

I love that he dances to everything

I love that he squeals and giggles like a girl

I love that he holds his sippy cup like football

I love that when he's ready to go home, he'll drag his diaper bag to his mama and daddy and say "Home!"

I love that everytime I put on something nice and always responds with "Oh, so pretty!"

I love that he sneaks into my room and pulls out all my heels from my closet so he can wear them

I love it when he comes up to me with his blanket and says "Snuggle?"

I just love love love him.


Tags: family, random
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