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Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

It's snowing outside...I love it!  From the looks of it, we will be getting a white Christmas afterall, which an extreme rarity where we live.

I'm off work until the 29th.  Isn't that nice?  I haven't been with the company for 3 months yet I've been given 3 days off until 2009.  I'm starting to love my job more and more...

Anyways, last night I brought a ginerbread house kit over to Huong's so that we could build it with Tai.  Have a mentioned that I love that kid?  So I'm building the structure of the house and he sticks his finger out to me and says "Have some?" to reference to the icing that I've been squeezing out.  Seriously...this kid isn't even 2 years old yet, how does he know this stuff?  Tai catches on pretty quick...I showed him how to stick the candy on to the house and he pretty much got the hang of it.  It was pretty cute because there were some moments where he would lick the candy, taste it, and then stick it on the house.  But the cutest moment of all was when he was busy sticking all the candy to the house and says really quitely to me...."Thank you Bich for the house...."  (Bich is my Vietnamese name...he doesn't know me as

Man, he SO polite.  And not even 2 yet...geez.

I'm hoping to do a lot of cheesy Christmas-y stuff this week.  When there's a kid around, it just makes things so much better.  I think Christmas eve we're hoping to head to Stanley Park to go on the train ride to see all the lights.  Maybe I'll make some cookies too...

Anyways, for the first time in entire family is getting together for Christmas eve which makes me really happy.  My mom, aunts, and uncles had a really big fall-out years ago.  I'm talking like if they saw each other across the street someone would have been stabbed kind of fall-out.  They refused to speak to each other for ages and then after my brother's wedding in May this year, it just re-connected everyone.  I'm excited for that because I'm sure it'll be a huge seafood feast -- we're Asian, we don't do the turkey thing.  Haha...
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