Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of TSF was this weekend.

Aside from the few bumps we had in the morning it went really really well.  We had just great comments from the neighborhood and locals.  Lots of really good positive feedback so the store definitely has been well recieved.  There were lots of "This is such a beautiful store", "You've done a great job merchandising", "So inspiring"...

During the early stages of merchandising, we overheard a few comments from locals thinking that it was a "Chinese restaurant"...on more than one occassion.  Perhaps because they saw a bunch of Asian people??  Haha...I dunno but I bet they feel stupid now.  ;)

We had such wonderful support from our friends as well.  So many people came out to see the store on it's first day.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such great people.  There was one point were I think the only people in the store were just family and friends and I swear, it was packed with about 20ish people.  We had so many waves of them throughout the day.  It was so great.

Linda, Huong's partner, was so funny.  She woke up extra extra early that morning so that she could bake 6 batches of chocolate chip cookies to hand out to people coming in.  And the cookies turned out to be a big hit!  By the end of the day, I think there was probably only 10 or so left....granted, it probably didn't help that Loan and I ate like 5 each.  Haha...yum!

Big Milestone for TSF. 

...the beginnings of an empire.... 

Brings a tear to my eye. 



I haven't updated in awhile.  My eyelids are so heavy so this will be quick, fragmented, and completely random.

Things at work have been going well.  I've come to the conclusion that my office has been together for so long that they are like a disfunctional family -- I love it!  Some weird office tidbits: We have our very own bum.  When the office was located in Downtown Vancouver about 2 years ago, our Payload Manager guy befriended a homeless person and since then has been randomly showing up at the office to talk to him.  When they moved to the new location there was a note on the door that redirected people to the new building in Burnaby...and the girls there said that a week after they moved in...he showed up and freaked the crap out of everyone.  So he shows up about once every week.  Random, huh? 

I think I've had cake at work every single week I've been there because people either 1.) have had a birthday or  2.) someone has delivered cake to the office as a thank you.  This does not help with my trying to eat healthy and stay in shape thing.

My Coordinator has decided to take off the first Monday and Tuesday in December for her birthday weekend which means I'm flying solo for those two days.  Freaking out.  I hope I don't have to do any massive graphic stuff because I'm pretty sure my amateur cut and paste skills will not get approved by management.

Things with Huong's store has been going well.  There has been a major setback though...she discovered that the merchant services with Des Jardins that she applied for has been denied because apparently a furniture store is labelled as a high risk account.  Jamie has been helping out and trying to get contacts that can pull it that means the grand opening has been set back for another week.  Aside from that though, the merchandising of the store has been going really well.  It looks FANTASTIC!  I've gone there 3 times this week after work to help out for a few hours...and then of course on the weekends I'm there until we get tired.  There's a bunch of things that I want to buy for my non-existant home.  Haha....

And I think the majority of my Christmas presents will be bought there -- one stop shop!  Plus, wholesale prices are MARVELOUS!

Speaking of Christmas, Jamie's mum gave me my Starbucks Christmas advent calendar (which she has made a tradition since I've been with Jamie) to kick off t he Christmas season.  =)  It's always the first Christmas thing that I get - yay!

Really cute story: I had a nap today.  My mom came home with Tai -- in which I could hear them shuffling around but was still kinda half sleeping -- anyways he quietly came into my room called out my name really softly told me to "Wake up" and then with his little chubby fingers pried my eyes open.  Good thing I was only half sleeping because that would have scared the crap out of me.  So cute.  I love him.

I'm thinking of taking some baking/decorating courses for fun.  I'm also thinking that I want to take some yoga classes too.

I've been approached by Steve, my sister's husband's little brother -- who I technically consider my little brother because we've known each other for so long now -- to see when Jamie and I will be moving out because he has asked if he could either 1.) buy-in with us or 2.) live with us and pay rent.  He's not happy with his living situation right now with his roommates and is looking for other options.  I'm indifferent about it but I do see some complications with that happening.  But...on the other hand, I don't want to turn my back on family.  We'll see.

The other night Jamie, Chris, Steve, Lairay, and Loan were waiting outside in the rain (I think it was raining) for 3 hours at midnight to get their new edition...or new extension...or upgrade or whatever for WoW.  And all I have to say to that  The addiction people get from that game blows my mind.  I will never touch that game because I know I'll most likely become the same way.  And the boys taunt me everyday to "just try it..."   ~.~

Okay, bed time.


Some of the trucks for TSF came in yesterday.  I'm heading over there in a few minutes to help start up, merch, price, etc.

Veryyyyyyyy exciting.  If we continute at this pace then the soft grand opening with be scheduled for sometime in the next two weeks.  I'm just excited for all the wonderful access to wholesale prices - Yah-ha!
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Happy Halloween!

I went trick or treating with Tai today.  Jamie and I took him around Huong's townhouse while she handed out the candy (and made dinner for us, what a nice sister).  It wasn't for very long, maybe about 30-35 minutes.

Tai cried at first because he saw a scary witch go by and it terrified him so for the first 5 houses Jamie just carried him.  He didn't say much to the homeowners at first but then he started to loosen up when he saw kids his own age walking around.  The row of townhouses behind my sister's was neat because they had their garage doors open and were mingling among themselves so it was more inviting.  The kids in the area where all really it was so adorable seeing all the costumes and their little little buckets.

We weren't out for very long, but it was just such a happy little moment seeing all these little kids running around in packs and there was Tai so amazed.  At one point he was dragging his bucket on the floor and saying "hay-vee" as in it was too heavy for him even though there was only like 15 pieces of candy in it.

But anyways, it's only 10:30pm and I am exhausted.  I feel like an old old lady.  It's a Friday Halloween night and I have already called it a day.  Man, I'm lame.

I found since starting my new job I've been getting tried really quick.  I was at my sister's yesterday watching the hockey game and fell asleep at 9pm.  I'm still developing a routine.  I'm just so use to sleeping around midnight but that's pretty tough on the body when you have to be up at 7am.  But aside from that things at work have been getting better.  I'm gaining more responsibility so that's always a good thing.  I created my first radio ads for Western and Central Canada.  For the last few weeks I've been working on radio with my coordinator but this week she gave me full responsibility -- from scripting to the final approval before air.  I've also been creating purchase orders and invoicing which is fine and dandity, but man, does it make me sweat bullets every time.  I made a mistake on them and it took me 2 hours to correct it.  I'm just glad a discovered it before sending it to Toronto.  One thing is for sure, I'll never make that mistake again...hah.

-.-  Anyways, it's 11pm and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I'm going to play Harvest Moon and then pass out.

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I've been really insecure about my relationship the past few weeks.  Jamie once told me that I tend to go "crazy" about it between the months of October and February.  I didn't believe it last year, but when I think about it, the more I start to see the pattern.

I have no idea why I feel this way.  It's not like I deliberately try to find just seems like the whole relationship takes a big dip.  And it's really a horrible feeling.

Man, what a slump.  I really hate this.
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I went to my friend's birthday dinner on Saturday night.  The people there aren't people that I see very often -- we usually see each other maybe once a month, maybe two? -- but everytime we get together it's like no time has passed.  It's kinda neat because we're all in different life stages so it's always fun to hear what's been happening.

One couple is expecting their first child in January.  I hadn't seen them for about 3 months so she's definitely grown since then.  Last time I talked to her she was having morning sickness and couldn't keep anything down.  Now, she's just this adorable pregnant woman...I swear she could get away with murder right now with how ridiculously cute she is.  All she would have to do is rub her belly and say, "I'm sorry".

Anyways, for dinner she ordered chocolate cake.

How can you not gush at that?

And when she was done, she decided she wanted another one!

So funny.

Pregnant women can get away with anything, I swear.  Haha.
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Long weekend!

My brother and his wife just took off to go sleep at their new condo for the first time.  Both my mum and dad are gone fishing for the next few weeks so I'm literally at home by myself now. ...well, I do have the company of both my dogs though so I guess it isn't too bad.

He recieved his keys on Tuesday, painted the entire place over the course of 3 days, built all the new furniture the following day, and so this weekend has been dedicated to moving out all their exisiting stuff.

Boys are so funny when they pack.  I woke up from my nap yesterday afternoon and I find all my brother's friends in his room packing up.  They literally picked up the empty boxes, took the length of their arm, and swooshed it across my brother's desk and bookcases.  They didn't even bother putting it in nicely or wrapping up the delicate stuff with tissue paper....actually, I don't even think that thought even occurred to them.  Hahah...

Anyways, besides that, the long weekend has been dedicated to a lot of eating.  I went out with one of my oldest friends (since grade 1, baby!) for lunch on Saturday at Brown's Social House.  For dinner, I went out with my sister to the Blue Canoe in Steveston.  Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner at Jamie's Grandma's place.  And today I went out with Jamie for lunch after we went out Christmas shopping for my nephew.  Haha..yes, Christmas shopping.

Toys R Us is having a sale this week.  I bought Tai a Little Tykes Kitchen and BBQ set -- regular price $169.99, on sale for $119.97.  I figured I can start now, save some money, and then come Christmas it won't hurt the wallet so much.

Speaking of Christmas, I was telling my brother just before he left that it looks like I'll be spending the month of December by myself.  My parents are planning on taking off to Vietnam for 4 weeks (it looks like it'll be around mid-December to late January) so that once again leaves me alone for 4-5 weeks.  Just thinking about it makes me all depressed.  I'll have to pick out my Christmas tree by myself, lug it home, and then decorate that and the house by myself.  My dad usually comes with me to help load the tree (and plus, I know he secretly likes going through all the trees finding the perfect one) and my brother sets the lights up outside.  Maybe I'll get Jamie to move in with me during those 4 weeks. 

Recovery: Day #3

Jamie isn't recovering as quickly as we all hoped he would.  I feel so useless because really there isn't anything I can do to help speed it up.  Of course there's the sponge bathing, filling up his water glass, tucking him into bed, etc things that I can do, but besides that, not much else.

When Jamie was born his ribs grew inwards (something that his father had when he was a baby) and so they did multiple surgeries on him to break them back out so they wouldn't squish his organs.  Fast forward a few years, everything's been hunky dory but he's mentioned a few times that when he moves his upper body in certain ways there is an uncomfortable pain in his chest.  He went to get it checked out and the doctor said that there's some cartilage growing on the bone that he'll have to cut out.  It was suppose to be a simple surgery -- he was quoted around 50 minutes to clean it all out and 45 minutes or so for recovery/observation before he would be released.  Well, apparently after the doctor cut him open, it was a lot more extensive than he originally thought.

Anyways, so after surgery, his mum was the first person to go see him but then he started convulsing that they kicked her out to get it under control.  His dad went in after that and then they finally moved him to common room so that all 3 of us could visit at the same time.  The nurse came in, took his vitals, said something about his oxygen levels being extremely low, and I think I overheard her talking on the phone about a concern with his lungs collapsing (I later learned that it happened to him the first time he had the surgery done on his chest  which is why the concern).  He was in a lot of pain, had hot and cold flashes so the nurse was about to give him another shot of morphine when Jamie decided to throw up.  They gave him some anti-nausea stuff and constantly checked his oxygen levels.  Every time he threw up, the oxygen levels would go up and then a few minutes later would drop back down...and then the same thing would happen again.  Anyways, we were there from 9:30am - 5:30pm.  He threw up a bunch of times after we got him home too.  Yay puke!

So day #3 of recovery and he's still very much sore and weak.  It was suppose to be a 5 day recovery period according to the doctor but it looks like it'll be much longer than that.  I went out and picked up Harvest Moon for the Wii at EB and he's been keeping himself entertained with that.  So as I look after him, he's playing that on the Wii while I play it on the DS.  Haha...

The EB guys said I was a very thoughtful girlfriend.  Kinda made me laugh.

Anyways, I just came home from his place.  Tucked him into bed, doped him up with Tylenol 3 so he should be good to go until morning.

Oh my god.

I'm going to kill her.  Seriously, I'm going to kill her.

I just had an exhausting 7 hour day at the hospital with Jamie after having day surgery on his chest.  His body is not dealing with the anesthesia and morphine very well so it's been a tiring day.  And I come home to the house smelling like skunk again for the fourth time because my fucking 40 year old, grown woman downstairs neighbour is shooting it with a slingshot...again.  It's almost one o'clock in the fucking morning.  Why the fuck would you do something like that?!  The house fucking reeks and this shit isn't easy to get rid of.

I fucking flipped and I'm still so aggravated after yelling at her for the last 15 minutes.  She's a grown woman, for fucks sakes.

"I'm killing it so that we won't have this problem again" ...her response.  Excuse me, but you are the problem.  Are you going to shoot all the damn birds that shit on your car because "it's one down..."  You know what the definition of insanity is?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  It's the same shit week after week. 

Seriously?  The only reason it's spraying all over the fucking place is because you are pissing it off.  It's a defense mechanism, you idiot.  If you leave it alone, it leaves you alone.  Every time the house has been sprayed by skunk is because YOU are flinging shit at it.  It's so inhumane.  It's cruel and you are becoming the rodent that pisses off the entire neighborhood, not the skunk.  It's not just our house that gets infected with it, it's us and the other 4 surrounding houses around us, you fucking idiot.

I'm so furious. 

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